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Education Services

Side 3 utilizes knowledge and experience to solidify it’s place in Colorado as a top notch studio.  We want to share our take on the audio world with you, one step at a time.  Whether you are a full-time student studying the Recording Arts and want a professional to weigh in on advanced mixing techniques or you are an aspiring producer looking to get more tech-savvy, we can help you from the understand the concepts behind these skills.  Private lessons include class and lecture time in conjunction with studio time so that you practice and experiment with the material you are learning.
Side 3 is also proud to work with many other educational entities.  University of Colorado Denver, Art Institute of Colorado, and Arapahoe Community College have all looked to Side 3 for specialized lab time for their students.  The studio has hosted seminars, classes, and recording sessions for many institutions.

Side 3 Offers:

Private Lessons

  • Audio theory and fundamentals
  • Production
  • Basic recording/mixing
  • Advanced recording/mixing
  • Live sound
  • ProTools

Seminars featuring industry figures hosted by Side 3