The time has come! We have just finished updating all 3 of our rooms and are happy to present them to all of our clients, old and new.

Our newly updated Studio A features a beautiful, fully automated Solid State Logic (SSL) AWS series super analogue console capable of handling the most demanding projects. Our one-of-a-kind spinning control room has been has been re-designed so that our entire collection of vintage and modern analog outboard gear is at your fingertips, while also allowing you to face towards our large isolation room or our great sounding live room.

Studio B’s redesign includes a deluxe studio production desk, more pre-amp and dynamic options, and the ever-true Genelec 1031As as monitoring options. Studio C features a more dialed-in room design, Bryston-powered Pro-Acs, and new plugin suites.

Check out the virtual tour below. Click HERE to book a session or take a tour.

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